New family homes for The Fylde


Great Birchwood Country Park is a former Caravan Park close to the village of Warton and the popular, Lancashire seaside resort of Lytham St. Anne’s. The site has a long history of development and occupation, having originally been developed as a base for US Air Force personnel during the Second World War.

Whilst there is currently planning permission for more than 150 caravans at Great Birchwood, the site closed as a caravan park in 2016.

Bellair have acquired the former Caravan Park and are seeking to bring forward a development of much-needed family housing.

As a family-owned developer we have worked hard to ensure that our proposals are sympathetic to the surrounding countryside and re-integrate Great Birchwood into the local community.

Find out more about Great Birchwood, our plans and tell us what you think below.

History of Great Birchwood

Originally developed to accommodate US Air Force Personnel during the Second World War, Great Birchwood has been built on for more than half a century. The legacy of that original development is still present today, with roads, concrete hard standing and buildings present throughout the site.

Following the end of the war the site was re-developed in to a Caravan Park and became a popular holiday destination for many decades. In its heyday it was the largest Country & Western themed Caravan Park in Europe and played host to several big-name performers including Dr Hook & The Medicine Show.

With the growth of foreign travel the popularity of Great Birchwood declined with the Caravan Park ultimately closing in 2016. It was at this point that alternative uses for the site began being considered.

Previous proposals for redevelopment

In 2018 Fylde Council acknowledged that this previously developed site had no future as a Caravan Park and approved plans for 33 assisted living bungalows and a two-storey care home. However, attempts to find a developer to deliver the proposals were unsuccessful, with no potential provider able to make the scheme work financially.

Determined to find an alternative, sustainable use for Great Birchwood our thoughts then turned to other ways to bring this derelict site back in to use, and make it a part of the local community once again.

Redeveloping great Birchwood allows the site to be enhanced and for it to make a positive contribution to the surrounding area. By providing houses on an existing developed site, it also reduces pressure to find houses on Greenfield land.

Our Proposals

As a privately-owned, family-run business Bellair can have a focus on quality and sustainability in a way that large, high-volume housebuilders arguably cannot. Here at Great Birchwood that means we are proposing a high-quality, low-density development of no more than 62 new homes.

Due to the low density of the development each new home will come with generous, private outside space and the site itself will retain quality open space for use by new residents and the wider community.

We also intend to integrate any development at Great Birchwood in to the community by providing community facilities at the frontage, enhancing transport infrastructure and investing in retaining and improving the environmental features and biodiversity of the site.

Next steps

We intend to submit an outline planning application to Fylde Council by the end of 2021. If approved, we will work partner with a specialist housebuilder to deliver our vision.

Between now and then we want you to have your say on our proposals. Please fill in our online form with your views.